About me

I am specializes in:

1. Workshop/Fabrication Documentation:

Ship Arrangements (mooring and towage, propulsion and rudder etc.) Room Furnishing (installation of scuttles, covers, doors, ladders etc.) Hatch Covers.


Hull Building Documentation includes a complete set of documents required for all kinds of hull building works. The information content in the drawings excludes loft and other technologic development. The documentation is released in electronic form. I am also determine the required amount of welding materials and power carriers. As a tool for hull building documentation release integrable systems SAPS and other 3D Design Systems are used which allow to receive a wide range of graphic and text documents.


I am creates and completes outfitting workshop documentation such as railings, ladders, hand ropes, bollards, fender guards, etc. I am also design vertical and inclined ladders, furring, hatch covers, ventilation and air conditioning systems for machine room and grounding gear, steering engine, masts and flag staff, rudder propeller unit, thrusters and so on.

Ship repair

I am took a part in ship repair warships- creation of new machinery spaces on the ship (e.g., cut-out of existing steel structure and adding new walls, stiffeners, vertical supports and webbing).

Technical support of ship repair.


Services Overview

Shipbuilding is my profession but I also consider work in other industries such as mechanical engineering and construction of buildings

Contact me

For your propositions or questions please contact me:

Address: Mykolayiv,Ukraine
Telephone: +38 068 269-33-32(Viber)
SKYPE: ruslandl
E-mail: karabinruslan@gmail.com