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I am 41 years old naval architect with big experience in shipbuilding industry (more whan 18 years). I worked on ukrainian & foreign firms such as:

-"Chernomorsudoprodject S.A ", Mykolayiv, Ukraine;

-State Enterprise "Mykolaiv Shipyard" Mykolayiv, Ukraine;

-"Aluship technology"Sp.z o.o., Gdansk, Poland.

For foreign customers such as:

-Aker Yards ASA;

-Damen Shipyards Group;

-Oceanco Yachts;

& others.

Have good skills in special programms as:

-Autodesk AUTOCAD 2D-3D



-Adobe Photoshop



1994 - 2000-Shipbuilding Department The National University of Shipbuilding. Specialty - "Ships and Ocean Engineering"

qualification - naval architect engineer.

2000 - master degree.


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About my City

Mykolaiv, also known as Nikolaev, is a city in southern Ukraine, the administrative center of the Mykolaiv Oblast. Mykolaiv is arguably the main ship building center of the Black Sea. Aside from its three shipyards within the city, there are located a number of research centers specializing in shipbuilding. The city's founding was made possible by the conquests of the Second Russo-Turkish War. Founded by Prince Grigory Potemkin, Nikolaev was the last of the many cities he established. On 27 August 1789, Potemkin ordered its founding near the wharf at the mouth of the Ingul river, on a high, cool and breezy spot where the Ingul river meets the Bug river.

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Open for your propositions

Ready for work as naval architect, ship designer,yacht designer,structural engineer,industrial foreman

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For your propositions or questions please contact me:

Address: Mykolayiv,Ukraine
Telephone: +38 068 269-33-32(Viber)
SKYPE: ruslandl
E-mail: karabinruslan@gmail.com